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Our mission is to present you with two philosophies - the Far East and the West. Approximation of the perennial wisdom of ancient, current and still invariably useful in the life of every modern man combined with the latest achievements of science and the best technologies.
In Warsaw, we created a refuge for all those who through treatments such as Ayurvedic massage and appropriate supplementation and beauty treatments and aesthetic medicine desire to achieve harmony of body, mind and soul, the consequence of which is the health and happy life.

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Ayurvedic oils

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Mahamasha Thaila is a very important Ayurvedic oil, widely used for a number of neurological disorders. It is used both for external and internal administration.
Mahamasha Thaila ayurvedic oil application:
It is used in ayurvedic treatment
- Paralysis, cerebral palsy
- Deafness, tinnitus. For this purpose, it is either used to instill a few drops directly into an ear or for internal use
- Helps relieve stiffness and pain in his clenched jaw
- Relieves headache, eye diseases
- Helpful in relieving pain: pain in the arms, legs, head, neck
- Used to treat lumbar and cervical spondylosis (loss of intervertebral discs)
- Used to relieve pain due to blunt trauma, rheumatoid arthritis and bone pain
-For Duchenne muscular dystrophy and other neurological problems
- Used to relieve headaches and migraines
- This is one of the best massage oils to reduce fatigue and for the elderly
Masha Thaila ayurvedic oil is used:
- paralysis
- Emaciation
- numbness
- cramps
- etc.

Kati, Janu, Griva Vasti

In addition to therapeutic massage with herbal oils, such Abhyanga or anti-cellulite treatment powder udvarthanam, Ayurveda uses special bathing spot called Vasti. In short, these treatments are analgesics.
Vasti are treatments focus on symptoms related to bones and joints. These treatments involve placing within the affected area, a circle of a special "cake" made from flour ATTA, which adheres perfectly and thus allows, pouring in his precinct warm, thick, medicinal oil and leaving it to penetrate deep into the body.
Treatments Vasti never be performed once. To produce the desired effects, have to be repeated in the series, best 7th, day after day.
3. Price series of treatments Vasti - 3 x 30 min. Price: 380, - zł.
Price Lot 5. treatments Vasti - 5 x 30 min. Price: 580, - zł.
Price 7 Series treatments Vasti - 7 x 30 min. Price: 690, - zł.
The Indigo Fusion Anti-Aging Medi SPA There are three types of treatments Vasti that the therapist can prescribe the consultation. It is Kati Vasti, Janu Vasti and Griva Vasti.
Kati Vasti / section of the lumbar-sacral spine /
This treatment focuses on the section of lumbosacral spine and ailments related to his surroundings. Kati Vasti is one of the treatments that are recommended for sciatica, which causes numbness and pain in the lower back and legs. Effectively treats diseases, such as lumbar spondylosis, disc prolapse, osteoarthritis of the hip, lumbago, and ankylosing spondylitis. Kati Vasti further strengthens joints, ligaments, muscles and soft tissue of the spine.
Price series of treatments 3. Kati Vasti - 3 x 30 min. Price: 380, - zł.
Price series of treatments 5. Kati Vasti - 5 x 30 min. Price: 580, - zł.
Price series of treatments 7. Kati Vasti - 7 x 30 min. Price: 690, - zł.
Janu Vasti / knee /
The treatment focused on diseases of the knee. Effectively provides relief in cases of inflammation and degeneration of the joints and inflammation of the tendons. Relieves creaking knee joints, pain and swelling of the knee. Very strengthens and tones the joints.
Price series of treatments 3. Janu Vasti - 3 x 30 min. Price: 380, - zł.
Price Lot 5. treatments Griva Vasti - 5 x 30 min. Price: 580, - zł.
Price 7 Series treatments Griva Vasti - 7 x 30 min. Price: 690, - zł.
Griva Vasti / cervical spine /
The operation is performed on the cervical spine and its surroundings. Griva Vasti strengthens and relaxes the muscles of the spine, relieving pain. It is recommended in case of headache and dizziness. Invaluable in disorders of the cervical spine: disc disease of the cervical vertebrae, the vertebral artery insufficiency - basal, rheumatoid spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis.
 Price series of treatments 3. Griva Vasti - 3 x 30 min. Price: 380, - zł. Price Lot 5. treatments Griva Vasti - 5 x 30 min. Price: 580, - zł. Price 7 Series treatments Griva Vasti - 7 x 30 min. Price: 690, - zł.


Navara Kizhi

It is a procedure analgesic potent immune, which restores vitality. It is addressed to people whose body was destroyed long-term illness, convalescence or emotional trauma. It provides the body with essential minerals, rebuilds muscle tissue, relieves pain and helps in regaining the lost weight and strength.
Navara Each treatment is preceded by a full body massage oil ciepłum so zwiąksza the effect of the treatment through the multi-level purification, stimulation of blood flow, all the energy and vitality in the entire body.
The treatment Navara is never executed at once. To bring the desired results must be repeated in a series of minimum 7, day after day.
Price Lot 5. treatments Navara - 1 400, - zł. (5 x 60 min.) 3. treatments Navara - 950, - zł. (3 x 60 min).
Massage stamps Navara Kizhi is also used in cases of partial or complete paralysis, post-stroke, because it not only strengthens the nervous system, but mainly stimulates him to act. A positive effect on muscle tissue reconstruction. It is prescribed to people who have problems with taking of a proper weight, it can therefore be used as an adjunct in the treatment of anorexia.
This procedure can not be used for persons with overweight, high pressure, heart problems and fever.
This procedure is performed by two therapists who stamp the whole body with linen bags containing a special blend of herbs and rice Navara.
Price 7 Series treatments Navara - 1 715, - zł. (7 x 60 min.)
Warning !
Because of the need to prepare for each individual Navarakizhi, the abortion must save min. 1 day in advance.





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