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Our mission is to present you with two philosophies - the Far East and the West. Approximation of the perennial wisdom of ancient, current and still invariably useful in the life of every modern man combined with the latest achievements of science and the best technologies.
In Warsaw, we created a refuge for all those who through treatments such as Ayurvedic massage and appropriate supplementation and beauty treatments and aesthetic medicine desire to achieve harmony of body, mind and soul, the consequence of which is the health and happy life.

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RadioFrequency RF

Bipolar RadioFrequency

Bipolar Radio Frequency - lifting without a scalpel

Cellulit before and after Face lifting RF
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Bipolar Radio waves (RF) is a method that has the greatest reach deep into the tissue. This is possible thanks to the special design of the electrodes and how the energy flow between their poles. At the same time operation of the waves it is completely non-invasive, painless and safe for the body.Treatments using bipolar RF act as total dermoplastyka skin affecting each of the three layers:

· Epithelium

· Dermis

· Subcutaneous tissue

Radiofrequency gives great opportunities for cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. He has the ability to:

· Reduce body fat

· And cellulite,

· Regulates skin pigmentation,

· Reduces wrinkles

· And smoothes the skin by stimulating collagen fibers and renewal,

· Shortness of scars and stretch marks.

First of all waves restores skin youthful appearance.

Bipolar radio waves transmit heat energy to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. As a result of resonance and nuclear level stimulation, the cells are stimulated collagen fibers. Intense local increase in temperature (45-60 degrees Celsius) makes collagen fibers shrunk and simultaneous stimulation to produce new bonds. "Scaffolding skin 'is repaired. The fibers, which in the aging process became longer and poskręcaniu, recover its original elasticity and flexibility. The effect of stimulation of the skin component is visible in the form of alignment lines and wrinkles.Radiofrekfencja it is also suitable for the removal of localized fat accumulation. Waves work by selective thermo-induction. This kind of effective lipolysis is lipid cell membranes and at the same time safe for the surrounding tissues. (Nervous, muscular). RF technology also helps the circulatory system by its stimulation. RF also accelerates cell metabolism.Treatments are directed mainly to customers between 30 - 70 years of age. Its use improves the tone and firmness of the skin, while in people over age 30 will sustain wasted over the years, the amount of collagen. In addition, an indication for carrying out RF dehydrated without tension and elasticity of the skin. The waves have a beneficial effect on acne and scars caused in its wake and wrinkles and crow's feet. Radiofrequency is recommended also to people confronted with overweight, local otłuszczeniami and stretch marks. The treatment can also be a component of the treatment of pain such as chronic arthritis, muscle pain, shoulder inflammation, rheumatic pain, sciatica or stiffness.

The effect of radio waves bipolar is a significant reduction of flabbiness, raising the oval face, the so-called liquidation. "Of hamster", crow's feet, sagging eyelids and chin. With waves can also eliminate the so-called. Double chin by removing excess body fat in that area. The waves have properties heavily lifting and rejuvenating the skin. The tissues are oxygenated and nourished, the skin is enhanced resistance to external factors. RF improves blood and lymph circulation, which has a positive effect on all tissues of the body. Moreover, thanks to the radio waves it is possible to effectively model the figure, a significant reduction of fat and cellulite and smoothing out scars and stretch marks.Effectiveness of radio waves can be observed done immediately after surgery. However, stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen continue for the next six months. Finally, it will be a thorough reconstruction of the skin structure and strong rejuvenation. Of course, the best results are achieved after a series of approx. 10 treatments.


    - pregnant women

    - application on the abdomen (during menstruation)

    - hearing aids, pacemakers, any other electronic device in the body,

    - any metal implants in the body, at the application site,

    - possession of IUD (UID) at the application site

    - possession of gold wire implants

    - disease or dermatitis

    - cancers of the skin

    - visible large varicose veins

    - phlebitis

    - peripheral circulation disorders

    - high blood pressure (extreme cases)

    - gold thread (after two years of treatment after consultation with a doctor)

   - cancer active

   - a history of cancer always after medical consultation,





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