Ayurveda is the oldest science of human health. This medicine is considering the biological nature of man at all levels of his existence. That biological nature are the three doshas: VATA, Pitta and Kapha. Not only man, but all forms of life characterized by these three forces. They just determine our lives, determine the conditions of development, aging, appearance, personality traits, health and disease. Through a unique combination of these three forces at the moment of conception, three doshas determine the deepest inner nature of man - Prakriti.
From birth, our lives are intertwined with the constant movement of these energy - their balance, or lack thereof, connecting and separating. Every day, the external and internal conditions mean that the balance of our Prakriti is disturbed.
Ayurveda teaches that health, broadly defined, is the effect of maintaining the balance between the three doshas, ​​according to our Prakriti.
The three doshas relate to the Five Elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth, representing all forms of matter. In this way, the Five Elements is a model for all substances in the universe. In short, everything is affected doshas.
It should be awareness of the surrounding world, because so many of its elements affects us. What is important is where we live, what is the time of year, time of day, and of course, how we eat. We must remember that food is also influenced by the energy of the VAT, Pitta and Kapha. Awareness of the impact of all these factors on us, it gives the opportunity to create their own lifestyle, optimally adapting it to the individual Prakriti.
Each of us had not once chance to see that eating healthy for others, it does not serve us, or that diet effective for friends, was not completely effective for us and vice versa. Similarly, medicinal therapies. Ayurveda explains this in a very simple way. The biological nature of each of us is different, everybody at that time of life is dominated by other doshas, ​​causing a variety of disharmony. For example, weight gain, it is also the disharmony caused by the interaction of different doshas. Let us remember that this is not a symptom, called always to the same cause. Therefore, for one person will be the most effective weight-loss diet food as fat, and for another, on the contrary.
Assume for our lives wisdom of Ayurveda. Give yourself a chance for a better life in harmony with nature - the exterior, but above all the interior.
All Ayurvedic therapies developed to restore the harmony of our Prakriti, which is synonymous with the fullness of health, and not in order to focus on the symptoms that disturb this balance, that is our health. Thus, Ayurveda takes a diagnosis causes of symptoms which need to be considered always individually since, as we have seen, are in most cases different substrate.
According to Ayurveda our health 95% depends on us.
75% of what we eat
10% lifestyle
10% determinants of mind
5% which we have no influence
and which has never been recognized even by
the most powerful Rishis - the Vedic sages.
Let's try to accept this fact and understand
its governing mechanisms,
to adapt them to your life ..


According to Ayurveda, every hour of the day is under the influence of one of the doshas. Each of them is responsible for the other elements of our existence, supporting us, for our physical and mental health. This is worth a look to fit our lifestyle, to the rhythm of their domination. Then we can be sure that the whole nature will support our cleansing, digestion, thinking - every form of life energies.
From 2.00 to 6.00 to the time of domination vata, or lightness, energy, then our mind is rested, clean and volatile. We are like a summer breeze, full of energy, joy and why this is the best time to get up with ease to start a new day - preferably about 5.45 hours. Thanks to all strengths, which naturally gives us towering doshas Vata, it's time for morning yoga, and maybe gymnastics or jogging. Any physical activity will bring us then a lot of fun, and most importantly, will do everything with ease and lightness. Such physical preparation and mental well-will support and will stimulate jobs coming, another doshas.
From 6.00 to 10.00 am is the time dominance of Kapha dosha, which is a natural time for cleansing the body from all toxins, all possible methods. During this time, the secretion is particularly strong, and the whole body is mobilized to the elimination of "waste" on the outside. He tries all means possible to throw out all the accumulated toxins through secretions from the eyes, ears, nose, throat, mouth, urinary and excretory. Note that it is morning, clears his throat, even a cough, we have sealed eyes, thick saliva - often in excess, urinating etc.. Similar removal of toxins, total cleansing, also occurs inside our body, at the level of each internal organ. This time, naturally favorable "cleaning" is necessary for the proper functioning of the body, which is our health. So should begin our every day, it's so instinctive proverbial "brushing your teeth", without which, after all we can not imagine starting the day out of the house.
We know that the source of all diseases are toxins accumulated for a long time, surging in different parts of the body. The main reason for this is the quality of the food we eat, and the efficiency of natural cleansing. The biological nature of all living things, is organized flawlessly. Trees, animals, grass, birds, know exactly how to live. Enough for them "voice" inside and instinct, which we unfortunately lost somewhere along the way. That is what Nature does not take into account that we just will not know how to live, how to protect the most precious gift - our health. There also envisaged that we will live in a polluted environment, ate processed, artificial products, and in addition the material world that drown out our inner voice, that all values ​​were to disappear instinctive tools to defend themselves against the overwhelming intoxication.
This oblivion of our natural instincts, we get lost and create schemes that firmly rooted in our lives, even though they are not true, and even harmful. One of them is the conviction that the most important is eating breakfast soon after waking up, no matter what time. Eating breakfast when the dominance of Kapha dosha, brutally interrupt the natural purification processes and forces the body to focus his forces on the digestion, which in this time is, according to the natural rhythm, very weak. In this manner, nor will complete the process of removing toxins, or odżywimy body as strawimy not properly delivered food. In a word, the same loss. To both of these body functions always work properly, efficiently and to the benefit of our health, just remember that the best time to eat is just coming. If, however, it is very difficult to stop us, should suffice us drinks (always hot), and the crisis only fruit.
From 10.00 to 14.00 this time the domination of Pitta dosha, which is a natural time to eat, when acids are very active, and the digestive fire reigns in our body. At this time, all you will eat very well digested, and thus the nutritional value of food used up and delivered our body. At that time, our metabolism is the strongest, the body just as we are hungry, focused and mobilized to food ingestion. So let's start our breakfast at 10.00. Small, preferably fruit, because they are rapidly digested and therefore the interval to the next meal does not need to be longer than 2.5 - 3 hours. Around 13.00 is the best time for the next meal - the main meal of the day - abundant, prosperous, satisfying.
Definitely dinner, popularly known in Poland lunch,
It should be our main meal of the day.
From 14.00 to 18.00 is again time dominance of vata. Naturally, energy becomes light and cool, and the digestive fire expires. Vata is part of the positive energy generated during normal digestion - time Pitta doshas. Everything you eat at a time when the digestive acids completely lose their activity, will be processed only in the gases in our body and disturb the energy of Vata. We must remember that the Vata dosha, which was formed from the merger Elements of ether and air, is both life force and energy of thought, which sets in motion the space in mind. Disturbed Vata, which we refer to as wind, causes a lack of concentration and unbridled racing thoughts, which causes fear, anxiety and other mental disorders and nervous. It also leads to energy loss and weakness of all tissues of the body. Impaired Vata also has a huge negative impact on the other two doshas. In short, to avoid disharmony vata, during its domination is best not to eat anything, and if necessary, milk. According to Ayurveda, the milk is food, and in addition severe - type of Kapha, which balances the lightness of Vata. Besides, we can drink, be hot drinks, cold balancing vata. Preferably warm water.
From 18.00 to 22.00 is again time dominance of Kapha doshas. Last chance for refreshment, you can tell a snack. Preferably about 18.30 to give doshas chance to fulfill its natural role, that evening cleaning the body. While reigns Kapha, which by its nature is a lumbering, lethargic so to speak, the whole atmosphere is conducive to tranquility and rest. It is a time that will allow us naturally very easy to fall asleep. Thus, approximately 22.30 is the best time to lie down to sleep. All the more reason that it was time comes dosha, which naturally awaken in us his passionate energy, and stimulated digestive juices, encourage to eat, which at this time is really very, very discouraged.
From 22.00 to 2.00 is again the dominance of Pitta doshas. A difficult time for anyone who is not asleep, because our thoughts can not get away from craving. Active at the time of the digestive juices, naturally evoke in us the feeling of hunger, and refrigerator for each step are encouraged to look into it. This night time Pitta dosha, not only provokes us to eat, but also effectively stimulates, reducing the feeling of drowsiness, which clearly felt during the Kapha doshas. It is often difficult to stimulate us to quickly fall asleep. Therefore, despite the fact that around midnight reason tells us that we would like to sleep, dancing Pitta not sued for it, often until 2.00, when it again from 2.00 to 6.00 reign vata dosha.
Ayurveda teaches that the deliberate use of the natural properties of the three doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha, promotes proper development of each of us, at all levels of existence. Described above was one of the most important factors affecting our lives - the relationship between the doshas and food. If we want to stay healthy, try to adapt your style of living to the rhythm of three doshas. Only living in harmony with our biological nature, provide us with the harmony of body, mind and spirit.
All collected information here, it is the wisdom of Vedic philosophy. Thousands of years ago people like us now, aspired to harmony, good luck, prosperity, love, beauty, and of course health. Nothing is no different. However, sources of information, the perception of the essence of life, evolving over the centuries. Now, again, we can look to the sources.
Give yourself a chance to benefit from this timeless knowledge. Contrary to appearances, this is not so easy to dance to the rhythm of the doshas, ​​refurnish his life, habits, and above all thinking. It is, so let us try day after day, but even if we do not intend to follow through life following the distribution date doshas, ​​you may want to consider a few, universal principles, on our eating habits ..


  1. Never eat some if you do not feel hunger. Let them watch and reason do not tell us about the time of eating. Listen only themselves, their own needs, and of doshas, ​​of course, if we want to raise our level of consciousness and quality of life.
    Do not let us eat quickly and nervously. Let us remember that we have teeth in your mouth, not in your stomach. Niepogryzione food is very difficult to digest and interferes with normal metabolism.
    The time required to digest the average, differential meal is at least 5 - 6 hours.
    Remember the matching amount of food for our needs. Imagine our stomach and divide it into four parts. This is ½ should be reserved for food, ¼ for drinking, and the remaining ¼ air. For Measure can serve our united, open hands, which should fit our entire meal.
    We all like to drink while eating. This is the most unhealthy habit. At the time of eating the whole body focused on the digestion. Digestive acids are very active. In our stomach "burning fire", essential for normal metabolism. While enjoying the food, we put out the natural fire, dilute, or even neutralize stomach acids, which our metabolism is not working properly. The consequence of this is maldigestion. Food badly treated is a waste of metabolism, which increases the amount of toxins in our body. How can we bake tasty sausage over the fire, constantly pouring water on her and at the same time flooding the burning fire? Let us remember that, to be eaten our food was well digested, and our body well nourished, we should drink at least 20 minutes before eating and 45 minutes after eating.
    The primary reason is to facilitate sipping reach food from the mouth to the stomach. And why is that? Because I do not bite correctly, actually long enough. Eating a well-chewed in the mouth easily, even spontaneously enters the stomach. Let's trust nature. Everything is really organized perfectly. The saliva in the whole process of digestion too, after all has its important and helpful role. No other liquid we do not need.
    Let's take care of our natural digestive fire in the body.
    This is the easiest recipe for health.
    The healthiest drink for each of us is warm water. Because it contains three elements - lightness, warmth and materi - balances all three doshas.
    Let us remember that each of us to function properly, sufficient 3 meals a day:
    10.00 breakfast - preferably fruit, because they are quickly and easily digested.
    13.00 dinner - necessarily considered as the main meal of the day.
    18.30 dinner - delicate, much less than dinner.
    Living in Western culture, profess an erroneous principle that the healthiest to have many small meals throughout the day, even 5 - 6. If we apply this diet to Ayurvedic wisdom, clearly see that this is, unfortunately, a recipe for diabetes. This is reasonable: the more you eat, the more the sugar is delivered to the body, therefore, the body produces more insulin. Increased levels of insulin, produces in us the feeling of hunger, so we eat more. In the end, it followed by so great disharmony that the body itself no longer able to cope with it. Sad. It does not have to be that way. Let us try, then, to use in his life a few simple rules:
    Do not disturb Nature!
    She really knows what to do, we were healthy and full of energy.
    Eat only 3 times per day. The ideal would be to the rhythm of the doshas.
    No snacking between meals, keeping 5 - 6 hour intervals.
    Do not let us drink during meals, with the understanding that any liquid quenches our natural digestive fire.
    Eat not hurrying, well gryźmy and consciously let's enjoy the meal.
    Let us try to eat mostly native products. They are for us the most value.
    Let us prepare their own meals for yourself and others, always with love and joy.
    We never get started eating when we are sad or upset.
    Always sit down to the table with love and joy.
    Not us discuss during a meal, and in particular on the serious, distressing topics.
    Best let's eat in silence, knowing Here and Now, enjoying every bite.
    Eat necessarily in the company of our well-wishers.
    Here is a simple recipe for health, and most importantly, not only our body but also our psyche. It would seem that the food has an impact only on the physical level of our existence. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to the Ayurvedic way of eating has a direct impact on the way we think. By thinking translates it to our actions, and thus has a direct impact on the end result, in the form of our life. So there is no exaggeration in the old proverb:
    I am what I eat.
    Remember that the quality of food and eating habits, translates directly
    the quality of our lives and it is on all levels of existence.
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