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Ayurveda is the oldest system in the world philosophical and medical, derived from the Holy Books of ancient India - the Vedas Ayurveda was already known and practiced in the days of the Master's life of Krishna, approx. 3102r. BC
Ayurveda is the knowledge of life, or the Art of Life. It is a Sanskrit term which means Ajur life and WEDA knowledge, wisdom. As the LIFE is synonymous with HEALTH, Ayurveda is the knowledge about health. You can beautifully explain the term as knowledge of healthy life.
Ayurveda is a holistic system of natural medicine, based on proven over millennia recipes and methods of effective therapy, among which one of the key elements are massage oil.
Massage oil is a type of Ayurvedic treatments matched individually, depending on the dominance of individual doshas and ailments. Everyone needs regular massage with oil. Few people realize how great the benefits can bring this type of Ayurvedic treatments. They prevent ailments, nourish the body, help maintain youth, support metabolic processes, improve the appearance of the skin, eyes, a positive effect on mood.
Massages affect the immune system as a whole. Make the skin soft and moisturized. Massages also relieve stiffness in the joints and muscles and cause the whole body becomes light and relaxed. Massages stimulate the blood circulation and accelerate the removal of residual metabolism - toxins and relax the body. Performed regularly, help to harmonize the functioning of the body, both physically as mentally and spiritually.
Ayurvedic medical science perceives the man holistically and moves every aspect of his life, focusing on the prevention of disease, and once it occurs, removing its sources, not just the symptoms.
According to the Ayurvedic definition, full health is not based solely on the lack of clear symptoms of disease, but a condition of absolute well-being in its very essence. Ayurvedic Medicine does not deal with a single body, but treats the body, mind and spirit as a whole.
The basic principle of science of Ayurveda is the human capacity for self-healing. This works both ways, however, because as we are able ourselves to return to full health, so too frequently, we ourselves are responsible for our ills.
To stay healthy for years to come, look and feel beautiful, to be vital and joyful, should live according to the commandments of the main Ayurveda:
• Regularly apply ayurvedic massages
• Accordingly to eat
• Practice Yoga
• Conduct regular life
Ayurveda & Treatment
However, if the disease becomes fact, Ayurveda will show the way to self healing, supporting knowledge about the healing properties of natural products, and proper diet.
Ayurveda does not speak about the disease but a disorder of energy - the loss of harmony Prakriti forces, or loss of balance between the three doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
To understand the factors that cause disorders of your body, ayurvedic doctor, analyzes the psychological, situational, lifestyle, diet, and patient relationships with others. Factors causing the same disease in different patients can be quite different depending on which aspect of the patient's life has been disrupted. Precisely because we are unique, the first question they ask themselves Ayurveda physician is: "Who is my patient?" And not "on that disease suffering my patient?".
Knowledge doctor Ayurveda is based on two foundations. The first is a very in-depth knowledge of the human body and processes occurring in it, and the other spiritual approach and understanding of the man at the other levels of his existence. According to Ayurveda man is a body, mind and soul.
In short, a visit to the doctor Ayurveda is not the study of the body, but the conversation. Talking about feelings, emotions, sensations, reflexes, preferences, skills, beliefs, perception of the world and people. It is an essential element allowing to determine Prakriti, which is a determinant able to issue a reliable diagnosis, which is what the disharmony and what causes it. Complementing the knowledge of the patient, assisting to reach disturbance sources of energy, is the study of the pulse, external evaluation of the body - the skin, eyes, tongue, and the evaluation of the characteristics of body language - the way they move, gesticulate and to express yourself.
Ayurveda is a preventative medicine! Ayurvedic doctor mainly prevents the emergence of the disease.
Ayurvedic doctor by the recommendation of various body massages, cleanses the body of toxins, both physical and mental. Toxins are the main cause of disharmony energy, and thus the disease. Proper diet and indicate how proper nutrition is another essential element of Ayurvedic doctor's instructions. In this way the patient is carried out by changing diet, eating habits and body stimulation through massage, changing their way of life, which in turn leads to regeneration and full health.
Another item on the "prescription" Ayurvedic doctor and complement therapy is the practice of yoga, pranayama - breathing exercises, and running at a higher subtle levels of human existence. But this is a separate topic widely discussed in the section Ayurveda & Yoga.


Good to know,
• that Hippocrates, considered the founder of the European Medicine, drew from his knowledge of Ayurveda. Ayurveda was also the source for the forming another great treatment system - Chinese Medicine. We can therefore say that Ayurveda is the Mother of all medicine, which has survived for thousands of years and today is the enduring wisdom and value.
• that Ayurveda is the only system of ancient medicine, using surgery
• that within Ayurveda developed eight major specialties:
- Internal Medicine,
- General surgery,
- Treatment of head and neck,
- Pediatrics,
- Toxicology
- The science of aphrodisiacs,
- The science of rejuvenation,
- psychiatry
• that Ayurveda as a concept of health and therapy is recognized by the World Health Organization since 1979.



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