Biologiczna i duchowa natura Doszy Kapha

Prakriti consists of three basic quality: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas - features Lights, Energy and Matter, which is characterized by intelligence, the power of life and creation of material forms. When these three forces are saturated Prana, or life energy, form the three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
The three doshas relate to the Five Elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. They represent forms of matter: a durable, smooth, radiant, volatile and ethereal. Five Elements can mean not only the form of the material, but also subtle and causal, which makes elements contain all the strength or manifestations of the soul, mind and body. None of the types of individual constitution is not better or worse than the other. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
All forms of life characterized by these three properties. The man also is a unique combination of these three forces that make it from the moment of conception we are totally inimitable. Doshas determine our deepest inner nature.
Kapha is a combination of land and water. Is associated with mucus or phlegm, it is what promotes things, and refers to the strength of cohesion. Kapha serves as a container for Pitta and Vata, namely energy and heat in the body.
Kapha itself as associated with water, is stored in a medium earth - the skin and mucous membranes - which makes the secondary earth element. Its characteristic feature is the weight.
• The seat of Kapha dosha is - in the upper part of the body - chest, throat and head, the place where the mucus is produced, while in the central part of the body pancreas and stomach and sides of the body where fat accumulates, and also lymph and fat tissue.
• The sense organs are taste and smell, nose and tongue.
• motor organs are organs of genito - urinary and secretory organs that are associated with the elements of earth and water.
• Kapha gives us emotions and feelings. She awakens love and care and devotion and faith, so that we keep internal harmony and unite with others.
• Kapha allows us to keep what we have achieved thanks to their efforts.
• The headquarters of Kapha is the stomach, where the mucus is produced, which then often - if it's too much - occurs in the lungs and lymphatic system.
• Kapha is produced by the plasma being Kapha main tissue in the body; It provides hydration and nutrition of all the tissues of the body.
• agent as Kapha disease manifests itself in the form of excess serum, which is converted to the mucus, which leads to weight gain, edema, pulmonary extending glands and other diseases Kapha.
• Stimulation of movement and Kapha depends on the Vata, and its heat is needed Pitt.
• The body, although it is mainly composed of water (Kapha), is a special form of water containing heat (Pitt) and the energy of life (Vata). Cold water or standing does not support life.
The biological nature of Kapha doshas:
• Growth - usually low, but it can also be high
• Body - great body, well formed
• Weight - heavy, hard to lose weight
• The brightness of the skin - white or pale
• Invoice skin - cold, wet, thick
• Eyes - large, bright protein
• hair - thick, oily, shiny, undulating
• Teeth - large, well-formed
• Nails - soft, white
• Ponds - large, springy
• Circulation - moderately good
• Appetite - moderate, but stable
• Desire - moderate
• Sweating - initially weak, then plentiful
• Stool - normal
• Urine - moderate amounts, transparent
• Sensitivity - cold, damp
• Resistance - High
• Tendency to diseases - congestion, congestion
• types of diseases - diseases associated with mucus, pulmonary
• Active - low, slow movement
• Durability - high
• Sleep - excess sleep
• Dreams - infrequent, restless
• Memory - slow, but stable
• Speech - slow, melodic
• Temperament - happy, conservative
• Positive Emotions - love
• Negative emotions - affection
• Faith - permanent, slowly changing
The spiritual nature of Kapha doshas.
Kapha dosha in the aspect Gun.
Kapha type of qualities Sattva manifest characteristic of this constitution qualities such as love, devotion, faith, joy, which makes the presence of this kind of pleasure to everyone who comes into contact with them. It is stable, patient, calm and serene, it is characterized by mental balance. It is loyal, forgiving, supportive and caring. All beings are treated as a parent and guardian.
Kapha type of features Rajas ambition is to have as much as possible. He likes to dominate others by controlling the material resources. Sometimes greedy and materialistic oriented, seeking to gain wealth and high position for himself and his family. His goal is to get as many possessions - a house, clothes and other material objects. He wants to hold and accumulate. I do not feel satisfied until he wins big, almost overwhelming wealth.
Kapha type of qualities Tamas easily falls into inertia and stagnation, which often manifests itself in the form of various addictions. His mind is dull and insensitive. Often it depressed. Usually it is not willing to make the effort. It is not capable of self-reflection, and for their failure will blame others. In his boredom and apathy degrades others. Often obese, and his body is full of toxins.
Ayurveda and Yoga emphasize the development of sattva.
• In Ayurveda Sattva is a state of harmony, so that healing occurs.
• In Sattva Yoga is a feature that allows higher spiritual development.
Use your chance for spiritual growth and health, and thus a long and happy life.
excerpts from the book
"Yoga and Ayurveda. Self-healing and self-realization, "David Frawley.
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