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Massage Nirvana Mukha like instant "Mesotherapy" for our face, whose effects can be seen immediately after the massage. If you want to dazzle in the evening, be sure to allow yourself the morning on the Ayurvedic method of Indian princesses. The effect is guaranteed.
Massage the face, neck and Nirvana Mukha 45 min. 190, - zł.
Nirvana Mukha is based on the unusual, ayurvedic oil properties liftingujących and stopping the aging process of the skin. It is excellent for all skin types.
• The secret surgery is saffron, used for centuries as an aphrodisiac and elixir of youth. This magic ingredient restores the skin's original beauty and gives it a natural golden color.
• Lotus and sandal firm skin and reduce wrinkles.
• Antiseptic properties of licorice cleanse the deep layers of the skin of toxins and protect it from bacteria and harmful effects of the external environment.
• The oil used in the treatment Nirvana Mukha contains also used in Ayurveda, a natural sunscreen that protects the skin from harmful UV rays, lightening skin blemishes and removes dark circles under the eyes.
This unique oil massaged by a therapist appropriate movements, raises the facial skin, tones it and gives it elasticity. It is a natural facelift. Regular nurturing facial massage Nirvana Mukha, preserves the natural beauty of the skin and a youthful appearance for years to come.
In ancient India, the formulation of this oil was very protected and available mainly for the high-born. Massage it applied only princess, wishing his dazzling beauty captivated the king. In India, silky, light skin is the attribute most desired by women. It is synonymous with beauty, good origin and wealth. Beautiful skin for Indian women was the key to happiness.
The needs and desires of women have not changed for centuries, like the ancient Ayurvedic recipe. There are still effective and perfectly highlight the beauty of the modern women.
Massage Nirvana Mukha:
• It slows down the aging process of the skin
• Firms face, raising it - the lifting
• Reduces wrinkles and skin discoloration
• Makes the skin glow and golden color
• cleanses the skin of toxins
Face and neck massage 30 min. 160, - zł.
Massage the face, neck and décolleté 45 min. 190, - zł.



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