eco olej kokosowy male

Coconut oil BIO Virgin Eko
Olej kokosowy bio z pierwszego tłoczenia
eco coconut oil 
Coconut oil has a lot of applications in our kitchen and cosmetics.
Coconut oil as the only fat vegetable fat is saturated and, therefore, at the time of heat treatment does not change the trans fat - that the most harmful and most clogging our veins and cause inflammation in the body, and at the same tumor.
Coconut oil is used for the preparation of cocktails, fruit and vegetables, frying and baking to prepare healthy "fat" fries (the fries need to be cooked him very little.
It is also perfect for use on the hair and scalp and body.
Coconut oil for massage oils used not only brings relaxation, but also significantly improves the condition of the skin. It is particularly recommended for dry, cracking and peeling of the skin. Coconut oil helps mature skin, damaged by the sun and with neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis).
Coconut oil because of its soothing and cooling effect is highly recommended for irritated skin. For chapped lips a lip gloss. In winter, we recommend a massage with warm coconut oil.
The main properties of coconut oil:
- Antiseptic, promotes wound healing (in India always used on all kinds of wounds)
- antibacterial
- antivirus
- Coconut has a pleasant smell
Enough 2 tablespoons coconut oil added to a cocktail or consumed otherwise perfect day work on the digestive tract.
Besides coconut oil speeds up the metabolism.
In our SPA in Warsaw we use it for massage, in scrubs, to facials and sell to retail customers and wholesale customers.
Coconut oil at a temperature below 25 ° C cured, it can be stored in the refrigerator. To liquidate coconut enough container to put it in warm water.
Nightly cocktail or dessert with coconut oil:
Banana, avocado, mango or other fruit, a teaspoon of lemon, sprinkle a teaspoon ground dried seeds of avocado or canary, 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil.
Only unrefined coconut oil VIRGIN is fully valuable and healthy oil. Virgin Coconut Oil!
We offer 3 oil capacity.
The Indigo SPA ul. Iron 67 lok. 35, Warsaw, is to buy virgin coconut oil, unrefined. In a very good price!,2064,n/olej-kokosowy-przyspiesza-metabolizm,213162.html#forum

Price list:

220 ml - 20 zł

500 ml - 40 zł

950 ml - 45 zł

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