Unique gift for each of us. Let's give a long-lasting, non-invasive facial depilation.
Spinning - Threading + Henna
Indian women lovingly care for their beauty by using various treatments, whose roots date back to ancient times, civilization ... From generation to generation transmit to each other the secrets of care. This allows us to get to know an alternative to contemporary methods of beautifying the body. Such a method is spinning - threading.
Spinning face, a method of hair removal using respectively the woven 100% cotton thread. This thread grabs even very thin and short hair removing them from the root, so that the effect persists for a long time. This way you can delete unwanted mustache, beard, hair on the cheeks and eyebrows beautifully adjust.
It is also important that flossing does not irritate the skin and pulls it, as it happens in the case of waxing. After removing the hairs on the skin remains slight redness that passes after a few minutes. The thread is always a one-off.
There are no contraindications for this treatment for skin redness and very sensitive, because flossing is extremely safe and minimally invasive. This technique can be applied to any area of ​​skin depilation.
To complete Threading recommend henna for eyebrows.
Flossing eyebrows / eyebrow threading - 25 zł.
Flossing entire face / face threading - 70 zł.
Eyebrow / eyebrow henna - 25 zł.
Henna eyelashes / eyelashes henna - 25 zł.
Henna adjustable eyebrows eyelashes + / Henna - eyelashes + + eyebrow threading - 65 zł.


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