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One of the most important and most frequently used treatments in Ayurveda is Abhyanga - full body massage with warm oils, including head and face. It aims to stimulate and balance energy throughout the body, at all three levels - physical, mental and spiritual. Abhyanga is also a massage which is performed in order to prepare for other treatments such as Ayurveda. Shirodhary.
Massage Abhyanga 60 min. 210, - zł. 90 min. 290, - zł.
Abhyanga massage stimulates the internal organs and stimulates the energy channels Nadi, responsible for the proper flow of vital energy Prana. Purified on many levels, releasing toxins from the physical and mental.
Abhyanga very positive effect on the immune system, stimulates the circulatory system, calms the nervous system, tones the body, improves digestion, cleanses the blood and oxygenates the cells of the body, cleanses the body, and thus improves the physical and mental well-being.
Research shows that massage oils Ayurvedic intensively accelerate the production of hormones. This explains their known in Ayurveda for thousands of years rejuvenating and regenerating. Massage oil, deeply and permanently calm the mind and relax the body.
Price of massage:
60 min. 210, - zł.
90 min. 290, - zł.
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