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Kosturi Phala is a fruity full body massage, which use a paste of fresh fruit, enriched with additional components, according to ayurvedic recipes.
Price of massage: 90 min. 220, - zł.
This massage is suitable for all skin types. Ayurveda recommends Kosturi Phala especially for people with oily skin. Peeling starting treatment, removing dead skin, cleans and prepares the skin to nutritional fruit paste, prepared just before each massage, the body optimally provided it contains vitamins. It is a deeply moisturizing massage, in which the fruit paste also mineralize the skin all over the body and facilitates the release of toxins.
As a result of this deep massage refreshes and tones the body, giving the skin a youthful appearance.
Price of massage: 90 min. 220, - zł.
Warning !
Because of the need to prepare for each individual fruit paste, a massage should save min. 1 day in advance.
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