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Kshetra Palan like instant Mesotherapy for the body, the effects of which can be seen immediately after surgery. If you want to dazzle in the evening, be sure to allow yourself the morning on the Ayurvedic method of Indian princesses. The effect is guaranteed.
Price of treatment: 90 min. 310, - zł.
Kshetra Palan is a comprehensive care treatment for the whole body, known and used in India since ancient times. Massage, beginning treatment, cleans and prepares the skin to nourishing mask, made just before each treatment, according to Ayurvedic recipes, optimally delivered the body of vitamins and minerals.
Kshetra treatment PALAN accelerates cell regeneration, so that effectively delays the effects of the passage of time and helps to conserve youth. Vitamins and minerals supplied by a specially prepared multi-component blend of Ayurvedic massage and technique, directly reach the deepest layers of the skin, nourishing the whole body and restore its natural beauty.
According to Indian philosophy, the only way to achieve liberation - Moksha, is to realize the greatest truth about ourselves, that we are tożsami with the Absolute. Maxim Tat tvam Asi - literally, you're this - means that each of us is an accurate reflection of the universe.
In Ayurvedic philosophy, this theory is also present. Ayurveda focuses on man as a unique whole, which is the inseparable connection of body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda believes that our life is the Supreme Absolute - God and our body is his temple. Therefore, we should treat our body with the greatest reverence, cherish them, take care of them, protect the most precious treasure.
In Ayurvedic books, you can find a lot of tips on how to protect your temple. One of the best ways is to Kshetra treatment PALAN. Palan term refers to the act of protecting, guarding something to take care of something; Kshetra while this temple, the place where the soul resides.
Price of treatment: 90 min. 310, - zł.
Warning !
Due to the need to prepare for each individual special mask for the procedure to be recorded min. 1 day in advance.


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