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This massage, which focuses exclusively on the legs - from hip to toe. Legs is our base, which keeps the whole body, so you should take special care of muscles, bones and joints legs. Let us also remember that the legs runs the entire nervous system, which eventually concentrated in the feet.
Massage Pada Abhyanga 30 min. 120, - zł. 45 min. 170, - zł.
Proper technique of massage and therapeutic warm oils used during surgery raining abhyanga, positive effect on the muscles, bones, joints and nervous system. Warm oil pressure and the appropriate vital points of the body, relaxes and stimulates the cardiovascular system, vein patency and thus increases the flow of blood and energy in the body.
Pada Abhyanga leg massage is stimulating and soothing massage, which effectively removes the feeling of heaviness and numbness. Relieves fatigue and muscle spasms, reduces sponginess of the skin.
In India regularly use his dancers, among others, południowoindyjskiego Kathakali dance and martial art Kalarippayattu warriors.
Price of massage:
30 minutes. 120, - zł.
45 min. 170, - zł.


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