Give a unique gift for your lover - relaxing massage neck and neck. Call to Warsaw to learn more.
This ayurvedic massage of the head, neck, neck, shoulder girdle and upper arms. The massage is performed in a sitting position. Warm oil spread over the skin, including head, warms and relaxes the muscles improving blood circulation. Relieves the mind of unnecessary tensions, leaving it light and relaxed. This treatment removes harmful toxins from the blood.
Shiro Abhyanga massage in Warsaw 30 min. 130, - zł. 45 min. 170, - zł.
Shiro Abhyanga focuses on Marma points, many of which are located just around the head. These points are gently massaged, soothe tension throughout the body, balancing the functioning of the nervous system.
 Massage relaxes muscle tension neck and shoulders. The oil used during Shiro Abhyangi sensationally also works on the hair. Strengthens them, nourishes and gives shine. Prevents, and graying.
Shiroabhyanga especially recommended for headaches, migraines, insomnia and problems with long-term stress.
This massage deeply relaxes, balances the nervous system functioning. It improves blood circulation in the brain. It strengthens the hair follicles and the overall condition of the hair. Shiro Abhyanga supports natural detoxification of the lymph nodes around the neck and armpits.
Price of massage:
30 minutes. 130, - zł.
45 min. 170, - zł.


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