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Ayurvedic slimming and anti-cellulite massage is performed using a mixture of powdered herbs with unique properties, without the use of oils, which are usually essential in most Ayurvedic treatments. Udvarthanam is characterized by massaging dynamic pace.
To achieve the desired effect, this massage is performed 7 times, day after day.
7. The package of massages udvarthanam on selected parts of the body 7 x 45 min. 980, - zł.
Ayurvedic massage udvarthanam:
• strongly firms,
• smooths out rough skin,
• removes dead skin,
• greatly stimulates blood circulation,
• stimulates intracellular processes.
• eliminates toxins,
• breaks compounds the deposited fat
• purifying, warming and energizing.
This "magic" powder herbal smoothing and firming the skin, increasing its elasticity, restores a healthy and youthful appearance. This massage gives the skin a silky smoothness and shine.
  • shapes the body by reducing body fat,
  • effectively removes cellulite!
This massage involves the whole body. It can also be performed only on selected parts of the body, according to the therapist. Also, the number of repetitions depends on the assessment of the therapist. Most often, to achieve the desired effects, mazaż is performed 7 times, day after day.
 Price udvarthanam: full body massage 60 min. 240, - zł.
                                  massage on selected cząści body 45 min. 200, - zł.
                7. massage package on selected parts of the body 7 x 45 min. 980, - zł.
In ancient times, this procedure only benefit future wife maharajas. It was believed then that thanks to it's chosen will be cleaned before a new stage in life. Fortunately, today udvarthanam, or powdered slimming massage can benefit everyone.
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