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Deepak Chopra
You are what thy deep desire.
What is thy desire, so your will.
What your will, such an act.
What is your deed, such a fate.
                                        Upanishad Brihadaranyaka IV. 4.5
This book is titled The seven spiritual laws of success, but it could be also called the seven spiritual laws of life, because we are talking about the same principles.
Success in life can be defined as a persistent feeling of increasing happiness and res? Choppy achieving worthy goals. Success is we manage? POWER to fulfill desires easily and effortlessly. However, to succeed, including the creation of wealth, it has always been considered a process that requires hard work and at the same time parts often taking place at the expense of other people. The need of tooth us a more spiritual approach to success and abundance that is flowing to us wszel? Heavy goods.
Success has many facets; the wealth of material? ne is just one of its components. In addition, su? Kces is a journey, not a destination. The abundance in all its forms is one of the factors that makes the journey more enjoyable. But success also means health, energy and enthusiasm for life, successful relationships, freedom of two? Neighing, emotional and mental balance, too? Dowolenie and peace of mind.
Before we define the seven spiritual laws, let's explain the concept of law. The law is a process in which what unmanifest becomes a chaise down, the observer observed, seeing wido pretty; the process by which the dreamer Urze? czywistnia dream.
Understanding these laws and applying them in life, we can create anything we dreamed about, because the same law, which uses nature to create a forest, galaxy, star, or the human body, may also lead to the fulfillment of our deepest desires.
Now let's talk about the seven spiritual laws of success and consider how to implement.
Chapter One
The law of pure possibility.
At the beginning.
There was no existence or non-existence.
The whole world being unmanifest energy ...
One breathed, without breathing, on its own power
Nothing more was not ...
                                        Song of Creation, the Rigveda
Under the law, in its essence, we are pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is pure possibility; It is a field of all possibilities and infinite creation. Pure consciousness is our spiritual nature. Being infinite and unlimited, it is also pure joy. Other attributes of consciousness are pure knowledge, infinite silence, perfect balance, invincibility, simplicity and happiness. This is our true essence. Our true nature is pure possibility.
Application of the law of pure possibility.
I apply the law of pure possibilities in life, committing thus proceed:
1. Connect to the field of pure possibility, daily devoting some time for silence, for it to just be. I will also sit alone, lost in silent meditation at least twice a day, about half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening.
2. Every day, I spend some time in the natural environment, being a silent witness to the intelligence hidden in every living being. In the silence I watched the sunset, listening to the ocean or a stream, or even smell the flower. In the ecstasy of my inner peace and contact with nature I enjoy the eternal pulse of life, a field of pure possibility and unrestrained creation.
3. I practiced nonjudgmental. I start the day by saying: "Today, I will not judge anything that happens," and throughout the day I will remind myself not to judge.
To be continued.
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