LIBRARY Indigo SPA The secret by Rhonda Byrne.



What you focus on groves stronger.

You can’t stop negative thoughts by wishing they would go away, pushing against them, or feeling bad about having negative thoughts. Any focus on negative thoughts gives energy to them and increases them! Your mind has to be set on positive thoughts and good thoughts because then you’re giving energy to that. It’s just a matter of practice and determination so that if you find negative thoughts creeping into your mind, immediately turn your focus to positive and good thoughts. And deliberately think them until you feel better!


Let life surprise you.

When you try and work out HOW your desire will come about you’re actually pushing it away from you. You’re broadcasting to the Universe that you don’t have your desire. The HOW isn’t your job, not least of all because you can’t see the unlimited ways your desire can come to you – but the Universe can! So let the Universe surprise and delight you. That’s its job.