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Deepak Chopra
You are what thy deep desire.
What is thy desire, so your will.
What your will, such an act.
What is your deed, such a fate.
                                                  Upanishad Brihadaranyaka IV. 4.5
This book is titled The seven spiritual laws of success, but it could be also called the seven spiritual laws of life, because we are talking about the same principles.
Chapter LII
The law of karma, or cause and effect.
Every action produces a bundle of energy that returns to us in a similar form ... what we sow, it will collect.
Thus, when we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, we collect karmic fruit of happiness and success.
Karma is the pledge of eternal human freedom ... Our thoughts, words and deeds is a mesh, which we impose on ourselves.
                                                 Swami Vivekananda
The third spiritual law of success is the law of karma. Karma is both action and the consequence of an action; This cause and effect simultaneously, because every action generates a beam of energy that returns to us in a similar form. The law of karma is simple. We have all heard the saying:
"What you sow, you reap."
It is obvious that if we want to create happiness in life, we must learn to sow seeds of happiness. Therefore, karma implies a conscious choice to make.
In fact, you and I make an infinite number of choices. In every moment of our existence, we are in a field of all possibilities where we have unlimited access to them. Some of these choices are made consciously, others unconsciously. But in order to best understand and optimally use the law of karma, you have become the most conscious decision we make at any time.
Whether you like it or not, everything that is happening now is the result of the decisions that you made in the past. Unfortunately, many of us make decisions unconsciously. So we do not even think that we have a choice - and yet it is so.
Most of us - even though they still take an infinite number of decisions - it gives the cause conditional reflexes, which are constantly being triggered by people and circumstances and make up our predictable behavior. Conditioned reflexes created in us like a dog in Pavlov's experiments.
Before you choose - before any decision - ask yourself two questions. The first: "What will be the consequences?". Heart immediately tell you this. And the second: "Is the choice, which now doing, will bring luck to me and the people around me?". If the answer is affirmative, take this decision. If the answer is no, if that choice brings distress to you or those around you, you do not make it. Nothing easier.
Of the infinite number of choices available in every second, is the only one that will create luck for both you and people around you.
You can use the law of karma to secure money and create wealth and start the flow of all good, whenever you desire. But first you have to become aware that your future is born from the decisions that you make in every moment of his life. If you still chose consciously, that you use in full the law of karma. The better it you will determinants of their decisions, the more they are decisions spontaneously correct - both for you and for those around you.
And as passed karma affects you now? You can deal with it in three ways.
The first - a karmic debts to pay off. It decides to most people - unconsciously, of course. This also can be your decision. Sometimes the repayment of these debts requires a great deal of suffering, but according to the law of karma no debt in the universe can not remain unpaid.
The second way is transmutation, which is the transformation of food into a more desirable experience. It's a very interesting process, in which, paying off your karmic debt, you ask yourself, "What can I learn from what happened to me? Why is this happening to me and what the universe wants me to say? How can I utilize my experience for the good of others? ".
The third way to deal with karma is its crossing. Crossing the karma is to become independent of it. By exceeding the feed is continuously stepping into the gap between thoughts, the experience of the Self, the Spirit. This is similar to wash the dirty cloth under a stream of clean water. After each wash a few stains disappear. Reiterates keep this operation and each time the fabric gets a little cleaner. Rinse, which is eluted with a grain karmic whenever you enter into the experience of the Self. This, of course, is done through meditation.
Realizing the existence of these grains, which must germinate, become a conscious creator of reality. The fact that more and more consciously make decisions, you start to act in a way that supports the development of evolutionary - your own and people in your circle. I have nothing more to do.
As far as food is conducive to the evolution - both Self and all the creatures from her dependent - so much the result of karma is happiness and success.
Application of the law of karma, or cause and effect.
I apply the law of karma in life, committing thus proceed:
1. Today, every time I witnessed their decisions. And just by watching this decisions, I introduce them into the realm of my conscious attention. I will remember that the best way to prepare any future time to be fully aware of now.
2. Always when deciding ask yourself two questions: "What will be the consequences of this decision?" And "Will this decision bring me satisfaction and happiness, as well as those that will be affected?".
3. Then, ask for guidance of my heart and I will be guided by its message, a feeling of comfort or discomfort. If the decision arouse positive experience, I will take it without hesitation. If you cause a negative experience, I stay and inner eyes will look at the consequences of actions. Chairmanship of the heart enable me to make spontaneously the right decision for me and all around me.
To be continued.
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