Other therapist and masseuses

Our therapists provide excellent experience and education.
We have therapists and therapists from India, Cambodia, Ukraine, Polish. Our team provides massages from all over the world.
Our Indian therapist ... from the south of India, the cradle of Ayurveda - Kerala, where he was trained in the school of Ayurveda Sahyadri Insitute of Ayurveda. Then he moved to the state of Madhya Pradesh, where she worked as a therapist and beautician in Ayurveda Ayur Vedic Aryogyam Kottakkal and Wellness Radisson Jass Hotels. After a year abroad, bahrajńskim Madawi Integrated Medical Complex, returned to India to work in the Zuri Hotels and Resorts in Goa. There she met her husband, also Ayurvedic therapist, Varghese 'and Augustine. To Polish moved from Qatar, where she worked at the clinic Medi Herb.
Janet, for the duration of his professional career, also developed their knowledge and acquire experience in a very feminine range - Ayurveda for beauty. As a result, not only it is excellent in the classical Ayurvedic treatments, but also beautifying and rejuvenating treatments, using both the secrets of Ayurveda and special massage techniques for face and body. He also specializes in massages punches and massages for pregnant women and just after pregnancy.
It also performs Threading or depilation face with a thread called. flossing. Perfectly restores the beauty of the feet and hands, while unusual Ayurvedic treatments for hands and feet.
From 2013 is a therapist at Indigo SPA (formerly Buddha)
fluent in English.
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