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 treatment for man
Enjoy specially for men dedicated treatments for face and body.
Peels, collagen treatments and soothing FOR MAN.
Increasingly, gentlemen struggling with skin capillaries and rosacea. We also have for them Spices treatments to reduce the problem.
For men interested in a more spectacular effect we offer in the field of aesthetic medicine - fillers, mesotherapy, etc.
We also deal with the problem of hair loss in both androgen and other causes of baldness. We have effective preparations inhibiting this process and contribute to re-thicken hair.
Also we recommend treatments for acne for man.




Enjoy the treatments on both hands and feet of all known modern method of care and decorating as well as traditional manicure and pedicure Ayurveda.

Nail polish 15m. - 15 zł with out manicure
Nail Polish French French with out manicure  25
Manicure + french 65 min.  - 70 - zł
Manicure semi permanent  -  100 zł
Manicure semipermanent French  - 110 zł
Semipernament with out manicure - 60 z

Semi permanent painting - french with out manicure - 70 zł
parafine with mask  60 zł
Mikrodermabrazja + mask + parafine 75 - zł 
Manicure + peducure (bez malowania) 150 zł
Manicure + pedicure + lakier 170 - zł 
Manicure + pedicure + semipermanent on hands 210 - zł 
Pedicure - ladys  120 - zł 
Pedicure męski / man's pedicure - 140 zł
Manicure + pedicure  (men's) -  160 zł
chemical peeling for foot. . - 250 zł
Tipsy  akryl, gel - 199 zł
Akryl / Gel  199 zł 
acril / gel removing  60 zł - 120 - zł
semi permanent removing 30 zł
acrilic / gel refiling - 140 zł
Manicure Japonese P-Shine 70min -  90 zł


Hastraksha and Padaraksha - 80 zł

Hastraksha and Padaraksha - 140 zł

Indian Manicure - 50 zł

Indian Pedicure - 160 zł 

What is a semi permanent manicure?
Semi Permanent Manicure  is applied as a thin layer of varnish. Then cured under UV light. Lacquer shines more when compared to a regular manicure. Most importantly, manicure hybrid is generally maintained for 2-4 weeks (even when performing household chores).
Beyond the breaking up and the soft layer of nail varnish strengthens them and allows you to grow a longer nail. However, you must remember that if the nails are split, fragile or very thin paint will not be as durable as in the case of a healthy plate, but still much more durable than traditional paint.
Manufacturers claim lacquer semi permanent manicure  method is hypoallergenic and free from substances harmful to the nail plate, and therefore safe for health. What is the secret?
Special enamel to perform manicure semi permanent is a combination of paint and gel. Hybrid manicure not, however, remove the ordinary nail polish remover.
For the removal of the need for special liquid acetone-based and therefore to remove styling, again go to the beauty salon. Manicurist wipes are impregnated / special cereal-based liquid of acetone and applies them to the nail and then, after about 10 - 15 minutes the coating is removed.
We should also remember that ....
to take care of the nail should remember about proper diet conditioners etc.
We also offer manicure clasic with lacquer or nutrient and biological.
We also offer chemical pedicure and paraffin on feet and hands.
Paraffin treatment for hands or feet is performed by peeling, applying a mask, and then paraffin, and then the foil and gloves.
Manicure SPA - consists manicure, performed by peeling and massage, mask and paraffin application, then foil gloves.
All nail art are handmade.
We offer varnishes hybrid traditional and monophasic (without the base and the masthead).
Simultaneous piercing both ears - without allergies.
It is a Scandinavian system for fast, safe and painless ear piercing also in children. Titanium earrings prevent allergies. For the procedure piercing earrings auszu use of plastic medical 100% safe and hypoallergenic.
Simultaneous piercing WARSAW



Semi Permanent makeup Warsaw



Performed using disposable cartridges, it gives the opportunity to be ALWAYS BEAUTYFULL and everywhere, swimming pool, beaches, rain, sun ...
We can underline it our natural beauty and cover up the defects.
The price includes treatment and correction after 2-3 weeks. Adoption of the dye depends on the skin type.

EFEKTS OF TREATMENT by semi permanent makeup 

- To improve lip contour
- Reducing the appearance of scars
- Visual correction of drooping eyelids
- Giving the desired shape and color eyebrows
- Long-term to emphasize the eyes and mouth
Do you like to have long lime liner? 
 We work on a very good dyes and equipment.
preparation for procedure of semu permanent makeup:
For 3 days before semi permanent make up of lips and 3 days after semu permanent makeup is mandatory to take a 2 times a day, tablets ACYCLOVIR if you ever had herpes.
It is important that the mouth prior to semi permanent make up treatment were properly moisturised and smooth. If the shape of the lips would be changed, for example increased, you should take special care of the skin around the mouth. We recommend performing several gentle peels treatments and good hydration paragraph before the permanent makeup. So better prepared to absorb the pigment and allow you to make even more precise figure. In the end, the mouth will be more expressive, with a nicer and more persistent color.
Immediately after the semi permanent makeup treatment the color of mouth is quite intense, even for very delicate makeup. Do not worry about that, because within 4 - 7 days coloration makeup fades to 50% color output. When the mandatory adjustment makeup effect of the treatment is enhanced.
Place undergone pigmentation should be treated particularly gently. Do not soak, rub, touch the skin at the site of pigmentation. Skin pigmentation subject in any case can not be washed with soap or treated other cosmetics than those recommended by Linergistkę.
For a few days it is advisable to avoid the sauna and swimming pool. Sunbathing is not recommended even for 6 weeks after applying makeup. Do not use the sauna, solarium, spa treatments and a swimming pool. You need to moisturize lips several times a day to lubricate pigmented surface a very thin layer of special skin care cream. In the case of non-compliance with these rules may experience discoloration.

Welcome to our spa in Warsaw, facials, we offer facial treatments anti wrincles  face neck and neck, rejuvenating at the neck and face.

In our spa in Warsaw e we offer highly regenerating treatments for the face, mesotherapy and dermapen (microcenthesis) and earrings Blomdahl method. Our spa in Warsaw is waiting for Pańswa. Our beauticians in Warsaw are at your disposal. In our Warsaw boutique spa awaits you also manicure and pedicure.

Facial cleansing (black head remooval)   Price 
Manual cleansing facial mask and serum 75 140 zł
Basic manual purification with mask  60 130 zł
Manual cleansing back 60 130 zł
Manual cleaning aded to other face treatment 30 80 zł
Professional L Anti-aging Face de Lux treatment strongly lifting and moisturizing - without skin firmness, willowy, with a deficiency of nutrients, having wrinkles and static inadequate to age excessively fired, dehydrated, dry    
Face 60 120 zł
Face, neck, decolette    
MASSAGE FACE and neck (make-up removal, toning, cream)  20 60 zł
Eye Rescue Treatment 30  100 zł/do zabiegu 60 zł 
Lip Rescue Treatment 20  60 zł/do zabiegu 40 zł  
Alpha Witamins (A, E lub C) Witamins treatment       110 zł  
For all kind skin 60
C-peel - brightening, stimulating the production of collagen - Cavitation peeling enzyme and vitamin C, C + +-peel cream 30 120 zł

Welcome to our spa in Warsaw, facials neck neckline, facial massage, peeling c peel, and many others.

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