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Welcome to our spa in Warsaw, facials, we offer facial treatments anti wrincles  face neck and neck, rejuvenating at the neck and face.

In our spa in Warsaw e we offer highly regenerating treatments for the face, mesotherapy and dermapen (microcenthesis) and earrings Blomdahl method. Our spa in Warsaw is waiting for Pańswa. Our beauticians in Warsaw are at your disposal. In our Warsaw boutique spa awaits you also manicure and pedicure.

Facial cleansing (black head remooval)   Price 
Manual cleansing facial mask and serum 75 140 zł
Basic manual purification with mask  60 130 zł
Manual cleansing back 60 130 zł
Manual cleaning aded to other face treatment 30 80 zł
Professional L Anti-aging Face de Lux treatment strongly lifting and moisturizing - without skin firmness, willowy, with a deficiency of nutrients, having wrinkles and static inadequate to age excessively fired, dehydrated, dry    
Face 60 120 zł
Face, neck, decolette    
MASSAGE FACE and neck (make-up removal, toning, cream)  20 60 zł
Eye Rescue Treatment 30  100 zł/do zabiegu 60 zł 
Lip Rescue Treatment 20  60 zł/do zabiegu 40 zł  
Alpha Witamins (A, E lub C) Witamins treatment       110 zł  
For all kind skin 60
C-peel - brightening, stimulating the production of collagen - Cavitation peeling enzyme and vitamin C, C + +-peel cream 30 120 zł

Welcome to our spa in Warsaw, facials neck neckline, facial massage, peeling c peel, and many others.


collagen treatments

Biomaris Jubiliee - zabieg kolagenowo - kawiorowy, głeboko rewitalizujący – 160 zł   190 zł
Biomaris Rich Care Caviar zabieg z kawiorem – 150 zł   160 zł
Biomaris Rich Care Concept regenerujący zabieg – 140 zł     140 zł

Professional Larens Anti-age Face de Lux

treatment strong lifting and moisturizing - without skin firmness, willowy, with a deficiency of nutrients, having wrinkles and static inadequate to age excessively fired, dehydrated, dry skin                           

Face    60’          190 zł

Face, neck, decolette       90’          290 zł

Gold and perls with collagen 

Brightening LIFTING TREATMENT WITH NANO GOLD and biologically active collagen and peeling pearl (make-up removal, peeling pearl / enzyme, cavitation, gold mask with collagen, nanozłotem and peptides, iontophoresis, kem nourishing Martixilem 3000TM)        

Braithening and Treatment with nano gold and marine collagen and perl extract.

60’          190 zł

Collagen Fountain of Youth - transdermal collagen

polinesian peeling / microdermabrasion / glicopeel -  long massage of biologically active trans dermal collagen, mask, cream (compresses salt from ocean salt water generated from the large depth, rich in minerals, scrub, massage, mask, serum peptide cream) intensive care

Long massage with biological active collagen together with diamont microdermabrasia or cavitation peel and chemical peel.


FACE: 250 ZŁ


BREST and Decolette treatment 

Golden mask on the bust and neckline nourishing treatment with collagen and hyaluronic acid (peeling, mask iontophoresis, cream)              

45’ min,         150 zł

LUXURIOUS TREATMENTS - Brand Signatured Treatment



4-Layer Facial      Anti-Aging treatment for all kind skin   290 zł
Vita Cura 5 Faz     75

350 zł


5 phase firming for all kind skin  
Hydra 4 Red-Out treatment for sensitive skin, redness, atopic, erythema and rosacea 60 500 zł
Hydra 4    Soothe and calm. For sensitive and reactive skin    
  60 220 zł
Laminaria Express Sea Weed Treatment - treatment matched to the type of skin, moisturizing and regenerating algae mask and serum which performs massage.   140zł


4-Layer Stone Facial & Body Therapy 4 - Layer facial treatment with volcanic stones body massage

  460 zł
 Cabo  Pure Body and face  Revival - Hot stones massage with facial treatment 60 350 zł
Hydra Refine Cleansing treatment - Moisturizing      60  220 zł


On the go Instant refreshing treatment    

40 150
European Facial Cleansing treatment Repechage 60  180 zł   
TREATMENTS IsClinical  Signed

Fiszz Facial - Champagne treatment 60 230 zł

Fiszz Facial Extra - Champagne treatment with massage

75 260 zł
Biomaris  / FACIALS Biomaris
Biomaris Jubiliee -treatment collagen - caviar, deeply revitalizing 60 160 zł
Biomaris Rich Care Caviar treatment with caviar 60 150 zł
Biomaris Rich Care Concept regenerating treatment 60 130 zł


Saluterra treatment for acne or rosacea treatment with clay Cambrian 60 150 zł
Saluterra rejuvenating treatment for the nonwoven fabric  60 150 zł
The treatment revitalizes Rejuvenating Eye 30 99 zł


Elixire by Nature

Time stop - rejuvenating lifting 45 150 zł
Pure Control - anti acne treatment 45 150 zł

Skin Guard - skin capillaries - acne rosacea

Transdermal Collagen Treatments Colway

45 150 zł


Elixire by Nature – express intensive treatment  (45’)

Time Stop – Lifting & boosting RITUAL 

treatment strongly lifting and regenerating / lifting and boosting treatment

1 treatment – 150 zł 

4 treatments: 500 zł  

Pure Control puryfing RITUAL 

Normalizing cleansing treatment for oily and combination skin / balancing treatment for oil and mix skin

1 treatment – 150 zł

4 treatments: 500 zł  (125 zł za zabieg)


intensive treatment soothing tonic for sensitive skin and vascular / intensive treatment for sensitive skin and cuperosa

1 treatment – 150 zł

 4 treatments: 500 zł  


Luxurious and express treatment of Repechage in affordable price

On the Go  – Express refreshing treatment                           

1 treatment  150 zł (50 min)

Laminaria Sea Weet Express – instant moisturizing treatment

1 treatment 140 zł (30 min) 



Ouer Beautician has doctoral education and medical education. 

In Warsaw our Beaitician offer a lot of facial treatments like Repechage, Elixire by NatureWe offer also wax depilation. We have wax depilation by honey wax but also wax depilation with hard wax which do not need trips. We offer also laser and IPL epilation. 

Face treatment:






Face cleaning, vitamins treatments and other...

Aesthetic Medicine - face lifting, botox, fillers


Chemical exfoliation (peelings)

Treatments for man

Semi Permanent make up

Piercing / Blomdahl

Nutrition, diet, food suplements

Skin & Hair egzamination


Menendi - henna, henna tattu


RF - Radio Frequency treatment (lifting)

Depilacja - Nitkowanie, Wosk, IPL, Pęsetka, 


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