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Mehendi, the Indian art of decorating the body with henna. Traditionally decorated are the foot (to the knees) and hands (to a height just above the elbow) Hindu bride. According to Indian tradition, the darker will be drawing on the hands and feet of the bride, the happier it will be marriage.
Henna is a paste produced from the leaves of the plants Lawsonia called Inermis. It has coloring and cooling. It does not cause allergies and has a pleasant herbal scent. The same applied Henna is also on the eyebrows and hair in order to strengthen them and extracting the depth of their color.
The Buddha Ayurveda & Yoga, organized evenings maiden Indian style, where one of the attractions can be just, decorating the hands and feet of the future bride. Accompanying her friends can choose themes, in various parts of the body, not necessarily hands or feet. The end result confusingly similar tattoo.

Mehendi masala - henna - henna tattoo

Hands, feet,
1 hand 45 zł / 2 hands 70 zł
Leg to the knee or thigh
1 leg 70 zł / 2 feet 120 zł

Small design - 50 zł
Large pattern - 90 zł
The entire back - 190 zł

Pregnancy belly:
130 zł
Small patterns on the head or body:
35 zł

Waxing honey.
• 100% natural
• transparent, does not leave any marks on the skin
• ideal for all skin types
• Also for skin allergic and very sensitive
150 feet long, - zł.
Calves + lap 80, - zł.
Thighs 80, - zł.
Hands 80, - zł.


VOUCHER Indigo SPA is a very special gift that is sure to make any great pleasure.
kup prezent spa warszawa
VOUCHER Give a loved one.


Choosing any 2 massages - 5% discount, and deciding on any 3 massages - 10% discount, 7 massages 15%
Choose from our offer any massage or the whole package, or using the funds from which the recipient will use its own discretion.

Give the nearest whole body massage with warm ayurvedic oils, and your gift will be unforgettable.

Give the next one Ayurvedic massage or facial cosmetic or aesthetic medicine. This experience will stay long in the memory, and the effects on their faces.
Give immediate treatments for face and body, one of the wonderful massage or a whole package of massage or physiotherapy classes with physiotherapist. This experience will allow them to get to know themselves and to develop their body and spirit.
Voucher can be purchased for a specific massage or beauty treatment, or for the amount of your choice. Our gift vouchers and vouchers are valid for 3 months from date of issue.
When buying a series of treatments on the voucher or voucher you can receive up to 15% discount.
Be sure to call and find out more about vouchers Indigo SPA.

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