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Tibetan massage and therapy 

Regomendet to everybody who suffer of stress or some physical diseases, It can impróve your condition.

Price: 1 hour 210zł, 90 minutes - 290 zł

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In our salon medi spa in Warsaw we did not dissociate ourselves from the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is practiced by many Chinese medicine and many Western doctors. And we in our spa in Warsaw We combine the achievements of culture and science of the West with the acquis culture Wshodu. One of these treatments in the spa in Warsaw is acupuncture.
Welcome to the acupuncture treatments with an experienced therapist.
 Our therapist also diagnosed based on the appearance of language.
Acupuncture treatments are perfect for the following ailments and many others:
- Quit smoking
- On udchudzanie
- Allergy
- Bone pain, sciatica, post-traumatic pain
- Problems with the endocrine
- Irregular menstruation                                                                                        
- Problems with the digestive tract
- insomnia
- stress
- Lack of energy, fatigue irritability
- obesity
- addictions
- and many others
We accept entries by telephone or in person.
tel. 884 616 116
ul.Żelazna 67 lok 35 Warszawa


Reiki is universal Energy is Life. It is the force that supports all life processes, maintains and supports their optimal development. It is healing, the healing power of unconditional love and niespersonalizowanej, comes from the heart chakra.

warszawa Reki bioenergoterapia

The treatment is to restore the natural state of energy balance by removing blockages and stimulate self-healing processes. It is recommended for those exhausted long-lasting pain, stress and apathy. It is most often experienced as a state of deeper relaxation, relaxation and calm. REIKI supports the work of the organs and glands, strengthens the immune system, releases toxins, relieves pain, stimulates intuition and creative activities, orazpomaga awakens awareness in meditation.

Reiki is not an alternative to conventional medicine, but by supporting and complementary.

Treatments are carried out in a very relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and cause a rapid improvement in physical and mental state of man.

Where energy is unbalanced, in excess or deficiency, there is a risk of the disease. Usually the causes of disease can be traced back to the levels of emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki works on all levels of life. It can support physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and therefore affects not only the symptoms but also the causes of the disease. Reiki can be used anytime, anywhere and for any purpose, by the imposition of hands.

The impact of treatment:

• supports the natural process of self-healing

• aligns energy management body

• releases inhibitions and encourages full relaxation

• cleanses toxins and pollutants

• operates at all levels, ie. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

• is very effective in all the problems of neurotic, stress, fears, anxiety and other "ailments of the soul "

• restores spiritual harmony and well-being

• greatly accelerates the effects of conventional treatment

About Bioenergy:

Bioenergy is one of the methods of natural medicine (naturoterapia), which is based on a holistic approach to the patient and transfer energy bioterapeutę. Energy is transferred by means of a hand being applied directly to the body or from a distance on the energy locked place. The treatment is aimed at eliminating the disease state, purification from toxins, pollutants and restore the functional capacity of individual organs through the alignment of human energy.

reiki warszawa

Our terapist:

Anna Molęda - Kompolt

My experience of healing began in 1998. The Association Center for Universal Energy in Warsaw, graduated from the course 3rd degree Universal Energy. After several years of practice and helping people become interested in Reiki, which has become for me a useful tool for strengthening and healing.

In 2003 he graduated from the course 3rd degree Reiki Master and since then every day it is practiced bringing many people to help their symptoms. Reiki in conjunction with meditation and qigong helps me in harmonious development, the life here and now, and thus animates the body, mind and spirit.

In 2011, I broadened their knowledge of healing techniques of energy healing and therapeutic dowsing, which allowed me to get to know more deeply the gift of healing.

Currently I combine two methods of healing energy, which have a very positive impact on improving the health and well-being of man.

In 2013 I graduated from the first and second stage of healing method Theta Healing, which helps to work on changing their beliefs and healing old relationships and restores the harmony of body and spirit. This method inspired me also to complete in the same year a 2-week course "Anatomy intuitive."

By profession I am a teacher. My goal is to help people and transfer the energy of Love. My motto: When you love yourself, the easier it will bestow you love other people.

Price: 130 zł 1 hour





Cryolift is a procedure regenerating and astringent skin in the most exposed to the gravitational aging, that is, on the cheeks, neck and décolleté. It will help you regain their former shape of the face.



The treatment Cryolift derived from the beneficial effect of cryotherapy and the unique properties of special complex polirewitalizującego obtained inter alia from cell extracts of salmon caviar, which is the real "bomb" of nutrients for your skin. The formulation is rich in vitamins, amino acids, co-enzymes, nucleic acids, antioxidants, and the collagen gel and DNA.


During the treatment, by a small head skin is gradually cooled to a temperature of -15 degrees Celsius, so that the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin regenerates and it is fully absorbed. Despite such low temperatures you do not feel discomfort because Cryolift used for small parts of the skin preparation introducing sequentially on the face, neck and décolleté.


Cryotherapy, or cold firming. The method is based on the principle of thermal shock (sudden reduction in temperature), followed by transfer of the cold to the deep layers of the skin (action for the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue). The method enables the penetration of cold into the skin without discomfort and efficient transport of active substances into the skin. Followed by stimulation of microcirculation and increasing oxygenation of the skin cells, which consequently make optimum use of their resources and fully absorb the active ingredients supplied. The choice of formulation applied to the skin is adapted to individual customer needs - there are rich in ingredients gels moisturizing, regenerating, soothing, rejuvenating or skin.



Cryolift restore oval and old features of your face. Refresh, will firm and stimulate the skin to do better. Lift drooping cheeks reducing the so-called. "hamsters". Krioplastyka provides a much more efficient absorption and effectiveness of the active substances contained in biological complexes Filorg. Oxygenated cells with a high energy potential (after surgery luminotherapy) optimally respond to treatment krioplastyki - the skin becomes radiant and younger looking, it becomes more supple and smooth, the signs of aging (wrinkles, blemishes, uneven) are reduced.


Cryolift is a treatment of proven effectiveness, which confirm the numbers:

    Stimulation of cellular (fibroplasty) + 147%

    Protection against free radicals + 90%

    Increasing the density of collagen + 256%

    Delay stiffness of tissue + 366%


Another integral part of the treatment is luminoterapia, or LED light therapy. The light plays a role fotomodulatora comparable to the skin of photosynthesis - the process by which plants "breathe". To use this method, four kinds of light, which penetrate at different depths in enabling the individual layers of the skin. Their use helps reduce the signs of aging, improves skin condition and stimulates it to produce increased amounts of collagen and elastin. In addition, it combats acne and scars, and helps remove blemishes.


Cryolift treatment is designed for all skin types, regardless of age and most visible effects observed with skins flabby and tired.


Cryolift is an excellent method for:

• firming internal parts of the arms and thighs

• flabby skin of the abdomen and breasts

• painless method for modeling the skin, oval face

• lift sagging cheeks, reducing the so-called "hamsters"

• effectively reduce bags under the eyes, firming the eyelids

• oxygenation of the skin

• perfect treatment before "important output" as the so-called treatment. of banquet

• effective in the elimination of hyperpigmentation, because the melanocytes are sensitive to low temperatures, and their breakdown occurs at a temperature of -7 degrees.

NCTF specially designed formula for surgery Cryolift.

NCTF gel is a product of the unique properties of regenerating the skin. It works comprehensively, thanks to the content of all the necessary renewal of the substance. This is the result of many years of experience of doctors and the most modern technology in the field of medical cosmetics.


The formula is based on 5 groups of biologically active substances: vitamins, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes, and nucleic acids. Due to the nature of its ingredients, this product stimulates various biological metabolic processes of the skin, skin regeneration mature, as well as the repair of skin tissue after injury.

Contraindication to surgery is:

• herpes

• severe migraines

• sinus problems

• pregnancy




We offer you an unique method of acne and rosacea treatment. For some cases it will be every day meeting and for some of them only 1-2 times a week.

What YOU CAN HAVE by this treatments:

* Acne (result after 2 to 6 weeks)

* Acne Rosacea (result after 2 to 6 weeks)

* Rosacea

* Blood Blisters, splash veins

* Rosation

To learn more and use my years of experience and knowledge in the field of skin disorders such as acne and / or rosacea?

What you need to do in the course of treatment:

Depending on the severity of the skin disorder treatment, there sees an average as follows:

1st week → 6 to 7 treatments

2nd week → 6 treatments

3rd week → 3 to 4 treatments

After the first week, viewed together how the developments and discuss whether continuation is necessary or desirable.

There are a number of conditions where you keep "must" during treatment.

Food and drink

What you "NOT" can eat and drink during the treatment period:

* Red fruit

* Eggs

* Chocolate

* Sugar (use sparingly)

* Coffee

* Whipped Cream

* Notes

* Citrus fruits

* Peppers and tomatoes

* Spicy seasoning

* Cheese

* Soy sauce

* Pork and marinades

* Grease

* Alcohol

* Dairy products

What more does not to do:

Avoid during the treatment period: sunlight, stress, strong emotions such as anger, excitement and shame. No heavy work and all forms of sports associated with high levels of sweating. Also hot showers, steam rooms, hot tub, sauna are not allowed in this period. Also, avoid extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, cold and wind.

Facial Care

During the treatment period, you get products with. Only this you need to use in order to achieve optimal results. Other facial care products should NOT be used during the treatment period.

During the treatment period skin can NOT be wet. I will to explain how to treat your skin, if you will have necessary to make it clean.

Prior to the treatment, you will receive detailed information on how the treatment will take place and what are the rules. A good start is important for maximum results.

How to book the treatment?

Based on the transmitted photos will find a telephone interview (consultation) place and you will be informed about the condition of the skin and associated treatments, costs and guidelines.

In some (quite extreme) cases will still be several treatments in the 4th and / or 7 th week.

For best results, the treatments must continuous and daily without intermission to take place. Step by step to a positive result.

It is important that you keep the treatment and use home maintenance products.

Call without obligation for more information and / or make an appointment for a free consultation.

Acne och rosacea BEHANDLING

Vi erbjuder dig en unik metod för akne och rosacea behandling. För vissa fall kommer det att vara varje dag möte och för några av dem bara 1-2 gånger i veckan.

Vad du kan HA av denna behandling:

* Acne (resultat efter två till sex veckor)

* Acne Rosacea (resultat efter två till sex veckor)

* Rosacea

* Blod blåsor, stänk vener

* Rosation

Om du vill veta mer och använda mina år av erfarenhet och kunskap inom området hudsjukdomar såsom acne och / eller rosacea?

Vad du behöver göra i samband med behandlingen:

Beroende på svårighetsgraden av den hudsjukdom behandling, det ser ett genomsnitt på följande sätt:

1: a veckan → 6 till 7 behandlingar

2. Vecka → 6 behandlingar

3: e vecka → 3 till 4 behandlingar

Efter den första veckan, ses tillsammans hur utvecklingen och diskutera om fortsättning är nödvändigt eller önskvärt.

Det finns ett antal villkor där du håller "måste" under behandling.

Mat och dryck

Vad du "inte" kan äta och dricka under behandlingsperioden:

* Röd frukt

* ägg

* choklad

* Socker (använd sparsamt)

* Kaffe

* Vispad grädde

* Anteckningar

* Citrusfrukter

* Paprika och tomater

* Kryddig smaksättning

* ost

* Sojasås

* Fläsk och marinader

* Fett

* Alkohol

* Mejeriprodukter

Vad mer är inte att göra:

Undvik under behandlingsperioden: solljus, stress, starka känslor som ilska, spänning och skam. Inga tunga arbete och alla former av idrott i samband med höga halter av svettningar. Även varma duschar, ångbad, bubbelpool, bastu inte tillåtna under denna period. Undvik också att extrema temperaturer och temperaturväxlingar, kyla och vind.

Facial Care

Under behandlingsperioden, får du produkter med. Endast detta måste du använda för att uppnå optimala resultat. Andra ansiktsvårdsprodukter bör inte användas under behandlingsperioden.

Under behandlingsperioden huden inte kan vara våt. Jag kommer att förklara hur man ska behandla din hud, om du kommer att ha nödvändigt att göra den ren.

Före behandlingen, kommer du att få detaljerad information om hur behandlingen ska ske och vad är reglerna. En bra start är viktig för maximalt resultat.

Hur man bokar behandlingen?

Baserat på de överförda bilder hittar en telefonintervju (samråd) plats och du kommer att informeras om tillståndet i huden och tillhörande behandlingar, kostnader och riktlinjer.

I vissa (ganska extrema) fall fortfarande kommer att vara flera behandlingar i den 4: e och / eller 7: e veckan.

För bästa resultat, att behandlingarna måste kontinuerliga och dagligen utan paus ske. Steg för steg till ett positivt resultat.

Det är viktigt att du håller behandlingen och använder hem underhållsprodukter.

Ring utan skyldighet för mer information och / eller boka tid för en kostnadsfri konsultation.






Examination of the skin in which we define the state of hydration, degree of keratinization and sebum, check its flexibility, biological age and vascularization, specify the size of wrinkles and pores, and her biological age - not chronological.

The whole we analyze and write the images from the camera microscope. This allows you to check the effects of treatment.


The problem with the hair? They fall? They are weaker?

The problem of hair loss affects not only men but also a large part of women.
It is often the result of too intensive treatments hairdressers and improper care, but the most common cause is much deeper.
There are many types of alopecia .... that treatment was effective to be carried out proper diagnosis.
Diagnosis is preceded by an interview with the patient and a clinical tribological scalp and hair, often you need to also perform hormonal tests to finally diagnose the cause and choose the appropriate treatment.
In our office we invite you to study skin and hair at the special price of 150 zł, and for those who take the treatment in our office and purchase mesotherapy needle - the study will be FREE when you buy 2 mesotherapy or 3 karboksyterapii and 75 zł when purchasing 1 mesotherapy or karboksyterapii.
For each case we select individual mesotherapy.
See work on which device - photo attached.



Nutrition - Diet, Suplements

We offer free of charge nutrition and diet suplementation consultarion for our customers. the best food suplement on the market like PM International - 4Life, Colway and others.

We ofer 

Call and make an appointment. 

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