Charma Palanam Peeling (body scrub)
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Charma Palan peeling Ayurveda in Warsaw
It is cleansing the skin, natural peeling of the whole body, except the face. Paste applied to the skin, was composed by therapists Indigo SPA in Warsaw, according to ayurvedic recipes and prepared it is always right before surgery. It includes, among others, coconut and honey. Coconut has moisturizing properties and stimulates the skin to produce a natural protective layer, and honey, which is interesting, but the nutritional value and toning, slows down hair growth.
This massage deeply cleanses, removes dead skin, helps release toxins from the body and opens the pores so that the skin is the ideal preparation before the actual massage oil.
Charama Palan leaves the skin soft and very smooth.
Price of massage: 30 min. 100 zloty
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