Tibetan massage and therapy 

Regomendet to everybody who suffer of stress or some physical diseases, It can impróve your condition.

Price: 1 hour 210zł, 90 minutes - 290 zł

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In our salon medi spa in Warsaw we did not dissociate ourselves from the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is practiced by many Chinese medicine and many Western doctors. And we in our spa in Warsaw We combine the achievements of culture and science of the West with the acquis culture Wshodu. One of these treatments in the spa in Warsaw is acupuncture.
Welcome to the acupuncture treatments with an experienced therapist.
 Our therapist also diagnosed based on the appearance of language.
Acupuncture treatments are perfect for the following ailments and many others:
- Quit smoking
- On udchudzanie
- Allergy
- Bone pain, sciatica, post-traumatic pain
- Problems with the endocrine
- Irregular menstruation                                                                                        
- Problems with the digestive tract
- insomnia
- stress
- Lack of energy, fatigue irritability
- obesity
- addictions
- and many others
We accept entries by telephone or in person.
tel. 884 616 116
ul.Żelazna 67 lok 35 Warszawa


Reiki is universal Energy is Life. It is the force that supports all life processes, maintains and supports their optimal development. It is healing, the healing power of unconditional love and niespersonalizowanej, comes from the heart chakra.

warszawa Reki bioenergoterapia

The treatment is to restore the natural state of energy balance by removing blockages and stimulate self-healing processes. It is recommended for those exhausted long-lasting pain, stress and apathy. It is most often experienced as a state of deeper relaxation, relaxation and calm. REIKI supports the work of the organs and glands, strengthens the immune system, releases toxins, relieves pain, stimulates intuition and creative activities, orazpomaga awakens awareness in meditation.

Reiki is not an alternative to conventional medicine, but by supporting and complementary.

Treatments are carried out in a very relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and cause a rapid improvement in physical and mental state of man.

Where energy is unbalanced, in excess or deficiency, there is a risk of the disease. Usually the causes of disease can be traced back to the levels of emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki works on all levels of life. It can support physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and therefore affects not only the symptoms but also the causes of the disease. Reiki can be used anytime, anywhere and for any purpose, by the imposition of hands.

The impact of treatment:

• supports the natural process of self-healing

• aligns energy management body

• releases inhibitions and encourages full relaxation

• cleanses toxins and pollutants

• operates at all levels, ie. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

• is very effective in all the problems of neurotic, stress, fears, anxiety and other "ailments of the soul "

• restores spiritual harmony and well-being

• greatly accelerates the effects of conventional treatment

About Bioenergy:

Bioenergy is one of the methods of natural medicine (naturoterapia), which is based on a holistic approach to the patient and transfer energy bioterapeutę. Energy is transferred by means of a hand being applied directly to the body or from a distance on the energy locked place. The treatment is aimed at eliminating the disease state, purification from toxins, pollutants and restore the functional capacity of individual organs through the alignment of human energy.

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Our terapist:

Anna Molęda - Kompolt

My experience of healing began in 1998. The Association Center for Universal Energy in Warsaw, graduated from the course 3rd degree Universal Energy. After several years of practice and helping people become interested in Reiki, which has become for me a useful tool for strengthening and healing.

In 2003 he graduated from the course 3rd degree Reiki Master and since then every day it is practiced bringing many people to help their symptoms. Reiki in conjunction with meditation and qigong helps me in harmonious development, the life here and now, and thus animates the body, mind and spirit.

In 2011, I broadened their knowledge of healing techniques of energy healing and therapeutic dowsing, which allowed me to get to know more deeply the gift of healing.

Currently I combine two methods of healing energy, which have a very positive impact on improving the health and well-being of man.

In 2013 I graduated from the first and second stage of healing method Theta Healing, which helps to work on changing their beliefs and healing old relationships and restores the harmony of body and spirit. This method inspired me also to complete in the same year a 2-week course "Anatomy intuitive."

By profession I am a teacher. My goal is to help people and transfer the energy of Love. My motto: When you love yourself, the easier it will bestow you love other people.

Price: 130 zł 1 hour

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